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F. Lynne Bachleda
Dead Or Pregnant
What’s a Tongue For?
Warp and Weft
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Rising Moon Bishop
Fire and Water
Cleaning Up
Things to Do Before Dying
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Amanda Cantrell Roche
ER room A-10, Vanderbilt Hospital
Living By Numbers
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Michael Chavis
Before You Knew Me
Explicative Primer
A Fallowed Field and Countered Harvest
Unplanned Parent
You Were Here
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Trey Mitchell
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Robbie Pinter
Friendship Bread for Haiti
There’s a Book for That . . . ?
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Julie Shavers
Mr. Tea
Rodent Resurrection
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Song For A Late Riser

Chuck Mead
I Wish It Was Friday

Mark Miller
On Tap In The Can or In A Bottle