Everyone has heard the statistic that it is safer to fly than to drive in a car.  In fact, because of the sheer number of drivers on the road, car accidents happen every day just about everywhere there are vehicles.

Just stop for a moment and think next time you’re in a car: here we are driving down the road at incredibly high speeds, with random people all around us.  One mistake could mean disaster.  It’s practically a miracle that interstate systems work at all considering all the people involved with varying degrees of skill, training, comprehension of physics, reaction time, vision and beyond!

Car accidents regularly result in the the loss of time, property, health and even life.  Accidents happen because of many possible variables in play, including driver error, negligence, manufacturing defects and dangerous weather. It doesn’t matter what the result, a car crash can turn a normal day into a prolonged  battle for your health, finances, and sanity.

Personal injury lawyers who specialize in car accidents often get a bad rap.  People call them “ambulance chasers” and consider the tactics of some scurrilous accident lawyers nothing short of a scam.  In reality, the accident injury laywer is a critical part of liberty and justice in the United States.  Many times these professionals take a great risk to represent people without any promise of compensation.

For people who have never been in an accident where legal help was required, it isn’t the other driver your lawyer is helping you fight, it is that person’s insurance company or employer.  Insurance companies will do everything in their power to keep you from getting fair compensation for your claim.

A good family friend of mine, Wayne Wolfe is a top Car Accident Lawyer in Huntsville Alabama and he’s had the honor of helping some good people just like you and I out of a serious uphill battle against the real bad-guys of the modern age: the monolithic insurance companies.

In one case, a public school bus plummeted from an overpass, killing and injuring innocent school children.  It was an unforgettable tragedy for the Huntsville community and was covered by national news stations.  The families of the victims found themselves fighting an insurance company who wanted to settle for the lowest amount they could get away with and a bus company who wanted to avoid liability for the accident.

Through his aggressive efforts, the families learned that the bus driver was not properly trained or certified by the State of Alabama as a bus driver. They also learned that the driver failed to wear his seat belt in violation of State law which caused or contributed to his losing control of the vehicle and crashing over the interstate wall.

He’s seen other cases where people’s lives were changed forever and were faced with medical bills that they could not pay, especially involving cases where tractor trailers or 18 wheeler trucks caused the accidents.  As you probably have noticed, big rigs are all over the highways, and many times drivers are pushed to work extremely long hours to meet deadlines.  Anyone who has driven long trips knows that even a 2-3 hour drive is tiring, but imagine a situation where you drove 18-20, slept for 4, and got up and did it again.  Historically, truck drivers are notorious for this sort of thing because they want more money or they accept independent contracts that are high paying and don’t want to split the loot with a second driver.

Whatever you may think about accident lawyers, the fact is that our good ol’ Eisenhower Interstate Highway system is a dangerous place and if the time ever comes when you need a lawyer, you’ll reallize that they are indeed the Unsung Heroes of our Justice System.

DISCLAIMER: This article and any information contained herein are intended for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. Seek competent legal counsel for advice on any legal matter.