Curt PerkinsIf you like the feelgood 70’s philly-esque sound of Josh Rouse, you will undoubtedly dig the latest release by Nashville’s Curt Perkins, titled Get Something Started. Several friends recommend that I check out Curt live, and I have to admit, it was a phenomenal show. The music has a great vibe: Part R&B, part rock, all right. The record is even better, with outstanding production and solid song craft.

This stuff is portable sunshine…

The similarities to Rouse are not a coincidence; Perkins has worked with Rouse for years, as a multi- instrumentalist and co-writer. Their hits have hit the top-30.

Born in Boston and raised in North Carolina, Tennessee, and Europe. A musician and producer, Perkins has been in several bands (Thurn & Taxis/Capitol Records – Stella/Beggars Banquet Records – Modlang/Yesman Records). He has toured the world many times over with his own projects as well as acting as sideman/collaborator with Rykodisc artist Josh Rouse. His music has been used for many film and television productions. He has produced records for artists such as Come On Thunderchild (North Carolina) and Zach Broocke (Boston). Perkins’ songwriting collaborations with Josh Rouse have reached as high as the Top 30 AAA of the Billboard charts.

It has been a busy past few years for Curt, In 2006, releasing “Get Something Started,” with co-producer Chad Brown, release of the Stella album “American Weekend,” release of the Modlang album “Chelsea Days,” work on the Josh Rouse album “Nashville” (released in 2005), collaborations with Brooklyn based artists Amy Correia and Claire Burson, work with Matt Sharp (Weezer – The Rentals) on his recent solo record and EP, and a soundtrack / soundscape record w/Josh Rouse “Cinema” (to be released in 2006). Perkins’ solo music has been described as hybrid of other vocal greats: Sade, Jeff Buckley, Bill Withers, Marvin Gaye – Instinctively modern, yet with a classic feel.

You can pick up “Get Something Started” from a variety of online sources, including most online digital stores. Visit for more…

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Oct 14 2006 9:00P
The Basement

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