Finally!  There is an easy way to find all the yard sales in Nashville, Murfreesboro and the middle tennessee area.  A new website called features a cool google map with all yardsales in the area posted. was created in response to our nation’s roller-coasting gas prices (and my husband’s desire for me to stop complaining about “those inconsiderate folks who never take their yard sale signs down.”)

Gone are the days when you could just hop in your car on Saturday morning and start aimlessly driving around looking for that first neon sign advertising a YardSale.

Today, with everyone’s belt being pulled tight and tighter, it is necessary to make changes in our routines that help the situation, and is designed to do just that. It is here to provide you with a google map of area yard sales, so you can efficiently plan your target areas and then determine the quickest route to get you there and back, with as little use of gas as possible. (We are working on a “Route Planner” feature as one of our future improvements for the site.)

  • Up to 70% cheaper than a classified ad
  • Ensure that your customers can find you – from THEIR location
  • Forget about making and hanging all those signs (and worrying if they will stay there)
  • Forget about taking them down too!
  • You can post your sale at any time
  • Extended space for listing all those items you have for sale
  • Your customers will arrive happy because getting there was easy (not confusing)
  • Keep more money, because you spent less on advertising
  • You’re helping the environment — not wasting cardboard making signs, giving your customers efficient directions so they can use less gas, and by the sheer fact that you are having a yard sale, you are recycling! Some of you may even recycle your plastic grocery bags by providing them for your customers
  • Our SEARCH function quickly find specific items you are looking for without aimlessly hopping around