East Side Scooters is the only dedicated scooter shop in Nashville that will even look at vintage stuff. James and Josephine Duer run the best scooter shop in the area.

They sell and repair scooters. They can work on just about any model you bring them at a reasonable price and are more than fair in dealing with their customers. They also sell accessories from helmets to goggles to leather jackets. The scooters that East Side carries are Genuine, Kymco and Sym and they all seem relatively affordable.

The people who work and hang out there are definitely about as knowledgeable a scooter crowd as you’ll ever come across.  They are friendly and very supportive of the scooter community. The best part of East Side Scooters is that no matter how busy they are, they make you feel like a valued customer as they are always ready to answer any questions laypeople have about their machines, so even if you’re not sure how you feel about scooters, you can go in and check it out. If you’re looking for a scooter store in Nashville, check out East Side Scooters. You will not find better people to do business with.

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