Two Elle is a fabulous store that is located in a blue house in the 12 South area of Nashville. The store’s advertising consists of the very people who work there, a crew of hip twenty-somethings with the store owner, Rachel. They are fun people, so you’ll enjoy shopping there. The store is cozy. All of the hangers are wood and their clothes are placed pretty much anywhere they can be without looking cluttered.

This great clothing boutique sells clothes for men and women, but I would say they probably offer more women’s clothes.  Chicks certainly go for this store, as it is always crawling with college age girls.

If you are looking for men’s clothing, they have a good selection of jeans and a lot of t-shirts.  Most of the shirts they have the really trendy and stretchy type which usually goes about fifty dollars. The store has four large rooms, with one of the rooms dedicated to men’s clothing.

The store offers selections you can’t find in other places in Nashville. You will find unique items from independent brands like Soundgirl. You’ll even find Harajuku Lovers, Tarina Tarantino, and some Le Tigre. Also, try their Cheap Monday jeans and the John Varvatos. Two Elle is your go-to shop in Nashville.

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