Before the dandelions go to seed

Let us revel in this luscious sun

Let us walk barefoot in the grass

Plant seeds

And drink in the elixir of buttercups, red buds, and wildflowers.


Before mosquitoes, chiggars and ticks

Have us dousing our bodies

In defense

Let us lay on the earth

Skin to skin

And release our weight to her.


Before the dandelions go to seed

Let us accept this time as the

gift it is.

Let us be free to simply be

Let us put the future in a box for the moment;

There will be time enough to face that later.

At least, for those of us

Not facing it now on the front lines

And those of us still well.

For those called to fight,

no matter how much the rest of us escape into this world of the present

Let us never forget to hold space

And offer gratitude

mined from our very marrow.


Before the summer, fall, and winter arrive

Let us enjoy this honeymoon for a while longer

Feeding our souls

And fortifying us

For what may come

When the dandelions

Go to seed.