This morning begins like most:
Me looking out the Eastern facing bedroom window to watch the sun rise.
Today, my early awakening is rewarded by a beautiful, red, scintillating sky-scape
through the trees –
far away from here,
on the distant horizon.

Smiling, I continue in my morning habits, shifting this, folding that.
I cross the living room engrossed in some matinal mission
and as I distractedly lift my gaze to the West window –

Everything changes.

I am stopped, stunned in my tracks by the unexpected, luscious shades of pink now visible
all through the sky in every direction –

The sunrise has gone 360
(just look at that motherfucker!)
And now every window offers a breathtaking view.

And now I’m crying at the kitchen table,
partly because this beauty even exists,
because I am here, bearing witness,
and mostly because participation in this wonder requires no effort.

Here, my open-hearted presence is enough.