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Why don’t we just say no
I hear the waves on the ocean
Calling back to what we once called home
My soul sits down by my side
It mimics me no matter how high
I throw my thoughts on the inside

Whatever it was they said they lied
Whatever you live for I will die

As the leaves fall to the ground
Breaking the mold to be free holding us down
A force of nature pulling away
From what we should see and say
Giving all that we can take

Fairy tales never happen anyway
They’re just waiting, we’re the prey

I lean back and I close my eyes
I feel the wind against my face
I open my eyes and it’s not wind
At all but the blood in my veins
It runs through the crevasses in my hands

And it washes – Hurt
And it washes – Pain
And it washes – Hate.
And it washes it All away.