The Tennessee Repertory Theater is the leading professional theater in the area by putting together a balance of classics and contemporary plays and by serving as the best cultural resource, and contributing to the cultural, educational, economic and general welfare of Nashville, Middle Tennessee, and the State of Tennessee.

Tennessee Repertory simply knows how to put on a great show. They have teams dedicated to their stage design, their costumes, their actors, and it shows. You will enjoy every show the Rep produce. Thanks to Nashville’s highly acclaimed director, René D. Copeland, serving as its artistic director, the company proudly keeps on  producing live professional theater with distinction.

The plays are performed at TPAC, in the Andrew Jackson Theater. Next month, they are putting on an original Tennessee Repertory production Steel Magnolia. As it celebrates the history of the Rep, they bring together two generations of Tennessee Repertory actresses, the mother and daughter tandem of Mary Jane Harvill and Marin Miller will be on stage for the first time. Don’t miss this show. A great show to kick off the anniversary season.

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