What the Egg Says….                                                                               

Where are you, hatchling?

What was the wonder that distracted you from here?

How is you feel safe enough in this huge world to leave your home behind…?

Did you even look back to see that it is perfectly Tiffany blue?

If that doesn’t beckon you,

I reckon it must have been a very lovely bug,

a worm to tug or something shiny.

Because “before’ doesn’t matter when your eye is on the prize.

Your mother sighs.

She must be watching with that special eye and secret sense…

If given choice she’d say no.

But she balances her terror with a chirp that tells you


And you go,

none the wiser,

vulnerable as hell,

and looking so fragile.

Like a bit of fuzz and bones of straw you seek your treasure,

tasting your future

as mother watches.

Chances are you’ll make it and chances are you’ll master the wonder of flight

and take it for granted.

But mother knows those odds and holds the fear and hides the tear

Straining hard to hear any sound to indicates that danger’s near.

She reminds herself that she survived.


Meanwhile, you, hatchling, none the wiser,

drunk hopping and practicing your flit, perfecting it

into the magic power you were born for….

You’ll not be the one she’s doomed to mourn for

You’ll leave that Tiffany blue perfection

right there on the ground…


so passersby can envy what you mastered while so young

And mother bird, relieved, watches as you soar…


Proud. Nervous. Birdlike.


She knows there still are dangers and that promises are few

But she also knows that she has done everything that she can do

and lets you go.


And you do. Look at you.

Never looking back on this cerulean beginning,

only knowing that the azure sky is calling.

And when you fly,

your destiny begins.


Jill Massie – May 13, 2018

Mother’s Day