santa2004editOne Very Good Girl

A portrait of goodness

no elf could deny

in my prettiest dress

and most charming smile

I wait my turn patiently

One Very Good Girl

hoping to stand out

among your messy throng of devotees.

It’s been a long year

of tongue biting

of smiling and nodding

of refraining from eye rolling.

A long year of ma’am and sir

of please and thank you.

A long year of knowing my place

and keeping to it.

Your performance last year –

a touch disappointing.

Perhaps my waning belief was palpable?

This year is different.

I know what I want.

I know you can give it to me.

Why else would you so generously offer

your fuzzy red lap

again and again?

Ok, Santa.

Make it happen for me this year.

I’ve been so very, very good.